Dr. perla ayoub, MS

Lebanon, Matn, Sin el fil, Jisr el basha

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  • Education
    Education & Training:
    - MSC in Clinical and Pathological Psychology from Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon
    - BA in Clinical and Pathological Psychology from Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon
    - HS Diploma in Literature from Daughters of Charity School, Beirut, Lebanon

    - Transference Focused Psychotherapy – Nafsaniyoun
    - Music Therapy Training Program - Nafsaniyoun
    - Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – Nafsaniyoun
  • Specialty
    Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist/ Counselor
  • Board certification
    MOH LICENSE NO ٢٠٢٣/٣/٣٠٤٢٦
  • Services
    - Conducting online psychological sessions, specializing in psychodynamic and transference-focused therapy to provide compassionate and personalized care.
    - Empowering clients on their journey to self-discovery and healing in a virtual environment, fostering positive mental health.
    - Providing clinical psychology services at a private clinic in Hazmieh, Lebanon, to foster positive mental health.
    - Conducting and interpreting psychological assessments for mental health and cognitive evaluation, aiding in accurate diagnoses.
    - Facilitating evidence-based therapeutic techniques and interventions during one-on-one therapy sessions, fostering patient progress.
    - Administering structured questionnaires for data collection and maintaining data quality and competency levels.
    - Conducting psychological assessments for vulnerable children, identifying their unique needs and ensuring data accuracy and participant comfort.
    - Applying child protection principles in alignment with UNHCR guidelines, ensuring the safety of vulnerable children and spearheading e-learning strategies for refugee children.

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