Find and book doctors online – get happier and healthier

We are on a mission to make people live healthier, happier.

People suffer, on a daily basis, from the repercussions of an inefficient, inaccessible, and unsatisfactory healthcare experience. TrakMD is founded to alleviate this bitter situation, for all.

TrakMD is a leading digital platform for patients and doctors in Lebanon that provides a better patient experience while helping doctors be more accessible, patient-centred, and efficient.


TrakMD combines 15+ years of experience in computer programming and healthcare IT management.

Our team includes clinicians who fully understand the daily concerns of physicians and their need to have a simple, secure, and on the go technology solutions.

With an international presence, across 3 continents (head office in Lebanon), we are able to connect with healthcare providers of all practice sizes anywhere in the world.

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