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  • Started Practice
  • Education
    - Master of Arts (MA)–Clinical Psychology, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon.
    - Bachelor of Arts (BA)–Clinical Psychology, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon.
  • Board certification
    - DBT Intensive Training - DBT MENA- BEHAVIORAL TECH.
    - Training in Psychotherapy and Psychodynamics - Espace Analytique Liban.
    - Certified NLP/Hypnotherapy/Timeline Therapy Practitioner - The American Board of NLP.
    - Treatment of Eating Disorders- MEEDA.
  • Services
    - Diagnose/Evaluate mental and psychological disorders of individuals.
    - Observe patients in various situations; administer and interpret intelligence, personality, or other psychological tests to diagnose disorders and formulate plans of treatment.
    - Provide consultations and treat psychological disorders.
    - Assess patient’s progress and modify treatment accordingly.
    - Communicate with and counsel family members upon need.
    - Conduct therapy sessions using verbal interaction psychological tools to explore behavior, attitudes and emotions and helping clients to understand and address their inner conflicts and past traumas.
    - Applying integrative approach (psychodynamic, CBT, DBT, etc…)
  • Research & Clinical Interest
    - Introduction to DBT - Dr. Fionna Kenedy
    - Psychiatry for non-psychiatrists (50 hours training) – Dr. Abboud Assaf
    - MHGAP training – Medecins Sans Frontieres
    - Interpersonal Therapy- IPT training – Medecins Sans Frontieres
    - First Aid Response - MedicUnit
    - Suicide Prevention - Embrace
    - The Science of Behavior - USEK
    - Training on The Treatment of Eating Disorders- MEEDA.
    - Case Management TOT - INTERSOS.
    - Towards a Better Mental and Sexual Health of LGBT- LEBMash.
    - Colloque De L’ALTCC: Coping with Modern Life-Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross –HPC.
    - Gender Based Violence Against Men –UNHCR at Makhzoumi Foundation.
    - La Science du Comportement- Dr. Georges Chedid- USEK
    - Thérapie Systemique et Familiale -Dr.Camille Labaki-USEK
    - La Psychosomatique Relationnelle- USEK
    - La ou Les Schizophrenies- Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross -HPC.
    - Les Troubles De L’adaptation et TCC-Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross-HPC.
    - Les conduites Agressives et TCC- Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross- HPC.
    - Anorexie et Boulimie: Enjeux Et Souffrances- USEK
    - La Toxicomanie –Oum El Nour Rehabilitation and Drug Prevention center.
    - Conflict Management-The Arab ICT Organization
  • Languages
    Arabic, French, English

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