Ola Asma

Beirut, Lebanon

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  • Care philosophy
    Healthy lifestyle not a restricted diet what lasts.
  • Education
    - Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, Lebanese International University 2015 - 2019
  • Board certification
    - Diabetic Foot Care "LIU October, 2018”
    - Nutritional Assessment and Techniques “Espen January, 2019”
    - Approach to Oral and Enteral Nutrition in Adults “Espen January, 2019”
    - Nutritional support in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients “Espen January, 2019”
    - Nutrition and sport “Espen January, 2019”
    - Hot topics in Nutrition for youth “LAND March, 2019”
    - Sports Nutrition “NUMED April, 2019”
    - Emotional Intelligence “THAT April, 2019”
    - Diagnosing Malnutrition Workshop “Cleveland clinic October, 2019”
    - Mindful and intuitive eating “catalyst March, 2021”
    - Thyroid nutrition triangle “catalyst June, 2020”
    - Sports psychology “catalyst July, 2020”
    - Intuitive Eating Academy March,2022
    - NLP Practitioner “INLPTA March,2022”
    - Clinical practices level 1&2 “Nutripractice May,2022
    - Yoga and meditation in clinical nutrition “catalyst December, 2022”
    - 500hrs yoga teacher training course “Beit Ra January, 2023”
  • Services
    - Producing clear and concise plans for patients based on their specific dietary needs and requirements
    - Producing nutrition plans for managing chronic and life-threatening diseases
    - Providing health advice to pregnant and breastfeeding women
    - Carrying out the relevant testing to ensure the best advice and support is given
  • Languages
    Arabic, English

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