Ghida Abdel Nour

Pearl 4913, 8th Floor, Pierre Gemayel Boulevard, Beirut

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  • Care philosophy
    Your Health, Our Vision!
  • Education
    Graduated from the Saint Joseph University in Beyrouth as a nutritionist with a master's degree in Sports Nutrition and Physiology
  • Services
    optimize the diet and the training program of any athlete whatever his goals may be: increasing his muscle mass, losing his fat mass or optimizing nutrition for a better performance during training and competition.

    In addition, I absorbed the very small details that make all the differences in boosting performance such as time of food ingestion, quality and quantity of food intake. These theories were strengthened as I worked with the Angers (France) International Rugby Team, and during my internship at Advance Sports Center (ASC) where improving the body composition of an individual through diet and sports was my core focus. Nevertheless, my bachelor degree as a nutritionist reminds me to always master the clinical aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Thus, fighting obesity, anorexia, diabetes and hypertension… define one of my goals as a nutritionist.
  • Languages
    Arabic, French, English

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