Dr. Nabil Fakih, MD

Centro mall, 2nd Floor, Jnah

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  • Education
    - Medical Degree (MD), University of Navarra, Spain
    - Facial Plastic Surgery & Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery - Hospital Virgen del Rocio, Spain
    - Master's Degree in Actual Knowledge of Rare Diseases - University of Pablo Olavide, Spain
    - Postgraduate research program predoctoral thesis in Macrostomia - University of Pablo Olavide, Spain
    - Doctoral Thesis in process: Cephalometric measurements studies in Andalusian population - University of Sevilla, Spain
  • Board certification
    - Fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery (New York, USA)
    - Free Flaps & Microsurgery (New York, USA)
    - Facial Plastic & Orthognatic Surgery (Brussles, Belgium)
    - Facial Reconstructive Surgery (Madrid, Spain)
    - Rhinoplasty & Facial Plastic Surgery (Mexico)
    - Facial Plastic Surgery, Orthognatic & Rhinoplasty (Brazil)
    - Rhinoplasty (Functional, Primary, Reconstructive) (Los Angeles, USA)
    - Oculoplastic Surgery (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Hospital Affiliation
    - Owner & Medical Director of Fakih Hospital (Lebanon)
    - Collaborator Doctor with Gotham Plastic Surgery Center (New York, USA)
    - Collaborator Doctor with Rinofast Center (Mexico)
    - Collaborator Doctor with Maria La Mancha Clinic (Madrid, Spain)
  • Services
    Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
    - Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery
    - Face lift
    - Neck lift
    - Eyelid lift or Blepharoplasty
    - Browlift or Forhead Lift
    - Cheek, Chin, & Jaw Implants
    - Face Bone Reshaping
    - Cosmetic Ear Surgery
    - Fat Grafting : Microfat, SNIF, SNIE, Nanofat
    - Orthognatic Surgery
    - Hair Line Reduction Surgery
    - Fat Transposition
    - Buccal Fat Pad Removal Surgery
    - Earlobe Repair
    - Facial Makeover Surgery
    - Custom Made Facial Implants
    - Facial Reconstructive Surgery

    Aesthetic Clinic Procedures
    - Botox / Xeomin Injections
    - Fillers Hyaluronic Acid Injections
    - Chemical Peels / Cold Peels
    - Laser Hair Removal
    - Neo Skin with Aerolase Laser
    - Hyperpigmentation / Melasma Treatment
    - Laser Skin Resurfacing
    - PRP for Face & Hair
    - Skin Rejuvenation Stem Cells with Nanofat
    - Precision Medicine & Anti-Aging Medicine

    Research & Clinical Interest:
    - Facial Plastic Surgery
    - Facial Makeover
    - Facial Reconstructive Surgery
    - Face lift
    - Rhinoplasty
    - Orthognatic Surgery
    - Facial Bone Surgery
    - Filler & Botox
  • Professional Membership
    - Board Member of American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive Surgery
    - Board Member of European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
    - Vice-President of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Achievement & Recognition
    - Vice-President of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery
    - International Advisory Board in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery
    - Member of Honor of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery
    - Member of Honor of the Argentinian Society of Cosmetic & Functional Rhinoplasty
    - Fellowship Director of Facial Plastic Surgery in the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery
    - International Educator in the International Academy of Aesthetics
    - Medical Advisor of ZO Skin Health
    - Medical Advisor of Vitamindrip
    - Key Opinion Leader in Merz Aesthetics
    - Gold Hand Award at Facial Makeover Surgery Conference
    - Publications in International Medical Journals
    - International Reference and Speaker in Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Languages
    Arabic, English, Spanish

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