Farah Kalash, MSC

El Imam El Chafie, Beirut, Lebanon

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  • Started Practice
    Owner and Head Dietitian at Calowries Diet Center since 2016.
  • Education
    - Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from Saint-Joseph University (USJ), Lebanon
    - Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from the American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon
  • Hospital Affiliation
    - Dietitian at Flow to Fly Physiotherapy Center
    - Dietitian and Researcher with Mrs. Yaghi at Saint-Joseph University
    - Dietitian trainee at LAUMC
  • Services
    Meal Packages:
    - Keto Diet: 27$/day (full box)
    - Detox Diet:26$/day (full box)
    - 1000 Calorie :14$/day (lunch box)
    - 1200 Calorie :15$/day (lunch box)
    - 1400 Calorie :16$/day (lunch box)
    - 1000 Calorie: 22$/day (full box)
    - 1200 Calorie: 23$/day (full box)
    - 1400 Calorie: 24 $/day (full box)
    - 3 months package:
    - 1000 Calorie: 19$/day (full box)
    - 1200 Calorie: 20$/day (full box)
    - 1400 Calorie: 21$/day (full box)
  • Research & Clinical Interest
    - Anthropometrical, biological, nutritional and environmental parameters that predict Type 2 Diabetes.

    - Trans fatty acids intake and cancer risk.
  • Professional Membership
    Each day taken 5 loyalty credits
    Each 100 Credits one day for free
  • Achievement & Recognition
    Projects Accomplished:
    - Project 1: Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
    - Project 2: Vitamin D status and Micronutrients intake in an elderly population
    - Seminar 1: Insulin resistance and breast cancer risk
    - Seminar 2: Food allergies: Diagnosis, management, and treatment
    - Seminar 3: Coffee consumption and risk of diabetes

    Training and Workshops:
    - AUB and USJ workshops concerning balanced nutrition, nutrition labeling, food safety, nutritional care of celiac disease, the psychology of eating, and nutrition and women’s Health.
    - Training in Boeker about food safety (HACCP Implementation Training) certified by the Royal Institute of Public Health, UK and recognized Worldwide.
  • Languages
    Arabic, English, French
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    • 2019-04-22 16:22:58

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