Dr. Abbas Khadra, MD

Clemenceau Medical Center,Clemenceau St,Hamra,Beirut

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  • Care philosophy
    To date I have gained experience in all aspects of urological surgery and chronic disease management and oncology in Urology. I have also got experience in academia and have had the role of lecturer at St George’s Medical School where I have prepared delivered courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels. I have interest in research and hope to continue getting involved in research projects and publishing in peer review journals.

    In my specialist registrar training I have gained experience in new technologies such as Robotics, laser prostate surgery, brachytherapy and High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound therapy for prostate cancer, and laser treatment for stone disease. In Andrology I have worked with one of Europe’s most respected surgeons Mr David Ralph and have learnt how to perform penile implant procedures, reconstructive procedures and surgical correction of infertility.

    I have obtained my certificate of completion of training in both General practice and Urology. I have had a lot of experience in Medical Education both at undergraduate and Postgraduate Levels.

    I have had experience in Medical Management and Leadership. I have organised and supervised projects in West Africa renovating medical facilities and supplying essential medication to third world countries.

    I am head of the andrology and sexual Health in our department of Urology at Clemaneceau medical centre. I have a private clinic in Beirut where I do a lot of my stem cell work to treat penile disorders and erectile dysfunction. I recently completed a study on the safety and efficacy of Fillers in Penile augmentation and presented the work at the recent world congress of aesthetics in Monaco. I also use fillers for female genital rejuvenation and augmentation.
  • Started Practice
  • Education
    2010 – Diploma in Andrology (Sexual Healath and infertility) and Reconstructive Urology - University College Hospital, London, UK.
    2009 – Fellow of European Board of Urology
    2008 – Brachytherapy – University Hospital Surrey, Guildford, UK.
    2008 – Genital Malignancy – University College Hospital, London, UK.
    2007 – Laparoscopic surgery – Institute of Urology, London, UK.
    2007 – HIFU for prostate cancer – Institute of Urology, London, UK.
    2007 – Diploma in Hospital Management & Leadership – Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK.
    2006 – Female Urology – Institute of Urology, London, UK.
    2006 – Greenlight and HoLep – Institute of Urology, London, UK.
    2005 – Docturate in Surgery (PHD) – University of London, London, UK.
    2004 – Diploma in Ultrasound for Urologists – Portsmouth Uiniversity, UK.
    2004 – Certificate in Urodynamics – Bristol Institute of Urology, Bristol, UK.
    2001 – Diploma in Urology – Institute of Urology, London, UK.
    2001 – Member of Royal College of General Practitioners - London, UK.
    2000 – Certificate in Medical Education – St George’s Hospital Medical School, London, UK.
    2000 – Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons in General Surgery – London, UK.
    1997 – Trauma life support – Royal college of Surgeons, London, UK.
    1996 – Cardiac Life support - Royal college of Surgeons, London, UK.
    1995 – Diploma of Doctor of Medicine – University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff.
  • Board certification
    Fellow of European board of Urology
    Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons
    Member of Royal College General Practitioners
  • Hospital Affiliation
    Clemenceau Medical Center
    Number 10 Harley street - London UK
  • Services
    - Consultant urologist and andrologist genitourinary surgery, sexual dysfunction and infertility, genital aesthetics ( male and female genital augmentation)
  • Research & Clinical Interest
    Khadra A, Alkabir J. MRCS Core Modules: Essential Revison Notes. PASTEST 1998
    Khadra A, Oakshott P. General practice perspective on cancer services. Family Practice 2001; 18(4): 463-464.
    Khadra A, Cappuccio F. Understanding health risks associated with ethnic groups- People of African origin. Pulse 2001; 61(35): 52-53.
    Khadra A, Cappuccio F. Understanding health risks associated with ethnic groups- People of South Asian origins. Pulse 2001; 61(37): 60-61.
    Khadra A, Oakshott P. Pilot study of Testicular Cancer awareness and Testicular self- examination in men attending two South London general practices. Family Practice 2002; 19(3): 294-296.
    Khadra A, Ogden J, Ambrose L. A questionnaire study of GP
  • Professional Membership
    - Lebanese order of Physicians.
    - General Medical Council, UK.
    - European Urological Association.
    - British Association of Urological Surgeons.
    - Medical Protection Society.
  • Achievement & Recognition
    1993 – Medical Research Council Elective Award - Roger Fund for Elective Study
    1993 – Roussel Medical Elective Prize
    1994 – Physician in Wales Prize - Best Elective Research project (Pfizer Award)
    1993 – Zenecca (ICI) travel grant - Electives in Gambia
    1993 – 3M Health Care Award - For Elective project in Gambia
    2000 – Clair Wand Fund (BMA) - Research project on Testicular Cancer
    2000 – Cancer Prevention Research Trust - Research Project on Testicular Cancer
    2001 – Prostate Research Campaign UK - Research project on Prostatitis (PHD)
    2005 – Best Poster for clinical research - British Prostate Group Conference 2005
    2009 – Clinical excellence award for patient care - University of London Hospital
  • Languages
    Arabic, English, French

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